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All About Megan Franklee

What does one write about themselves?  I pondered not  doing this section because, afterall, who is really going to read this?  However, I, as many a woman does, changed my mind.

I'm a mom of 2 adult children.  My only goal in life was to be a mom and I had the amazing opportunity to do what I loved.  

I've been divorced and now remarried all the while trying to prepare myself to be an empty-nester.  

I am married to Mr Perfect (sorry ladies, he's all mine) and living a very satisfying and happy life.  We have 2 fur-babies that are spoiled beyond belief.

I started blogging to share my plethora of knowledge gained thru experience.  I'm no expert and have made many a mistake through my years however, that is how one gains knowledge.  Your first step towards knowing is doing.

I approach life with a very out-of-the-box way of thinking.  Change is inevitable and nothing will ever be the same as someone else.  Life is worth living not doing so lets all get off our butts and LIVE LIFE!

Enjoy my blog.  I guarantee you it will have some random topics and all based off of my experience, past, present and opinions.  You dont have to agree, but please read and enjoy the humor I try to lace thru it.  Life is too short not to laugh at ourselves.